These are the world's busiest cities for car traffic

These are the world’s busiest cities for car traffic

In 2021, the lockdown due to the pandemic was eased or even eliminated in many places for a longer or shorter period of time, resulting in a huge jump in vehicular traffic compared to 2020. In our article, we will show you which cities in the world had the most difficult times to travel This year.

Year after year, transportation analysis company Inrix compiles the world’s busiest cities in terms of transportation, that is, where we can get the most traffic jams, writes Bloomberg. world economy.

The report covers more than a thousand cities in 50 countries, but only covers countries where Inrix covers the data, so crowded megacities like Cairo, Lahore or Lagos, among others, are not on the list.

According to the aspects examined, London has the worst traffic, we have the best chance of being blocked in the UK capital, and we can spend up to 148 hours in one year. British capital a year ago He finished in sixteenth place.

In our photo gallery we show with a photo the 10 best settlements that London follows in the not so high list (after the names of the cities we identified last year and the number of hours spent in traffic jams this year):

A taxi on London’s Oxford Street, the world’s busiest citySource: shutterstock

At the end of the rating, the city of Rockford ranks third in the United States, where you have no chance of getting stuck in a swamp.

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