There’s nowhere near the exhilarating atmosphere of a defending champion

Four years ago, there was great joy in France, because its national football team made a great career at the World Cup in Russia. The “Blues” finished undefeated at the top of their group, and beat the Argentines in a seven-goal match for the top sixteen, not stopping until the final match in which they beat Croatia 4-2. There is no shortage of stars in the French national team this year, but the country is not looking forward to the Qatar World Cup in a festive atmosphere.

“We are talking about defending the title, but it will be decided match by match what this national team can do,” said Dora Riahi from Nyiregyhaza, who has lived in France with her family for 22 years.

– The team’s poor performance in the Nations League (only winning a match against Austria at home) and injury to Karim Benzema who, contrary to initial reports, not only managed to play in the first match, but the entire World Cup, is cause for concern. miss due to injury. The news of the last days was about him. The shops are full of footballs, French jerseys and other fan paraphernalia, but there is a lot in the news about the stadium climate and how the construction workers were mistreated, many died.

Dora’s Tunisian-born brother-in-law said the media in the North African country is pessimistic. They talk about a sullen team, which was difficult to assemble, because if a person was excluded, his friend refused to participate, if he was invited and someone else was put in his place, then his “company” was offended. In general, they do not have much hope of progress.

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For us, the Tunisian team can be interesting because it includes Issa Lidouni, footballer Ferencvaros, who will participate in the tournament as the only NB I World Cup player.

The two national teams are in the same group, and Denmark and Australia form a quartet.

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