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“There’s no way back for brotherhood” – Prince William tries to erase his scandal-prone younger brother from his mind

“There’s no way back for brotherhood” – Prince William tries to erase his scandal-prone younger brother from his mind

According to Jenny Bond, the Prince of Wales is in so much pain that he is unlikely to send his best wishes to Harry either publicly or privately. Yet he predicts it King Charles He will extend an olive branch by sending a message to his son because it would be very strange if he did not.

Is there really no way back for the two brothers? Image: Northphoto

There is no going back to brotherhood. I just can’t imagine.

Because of these entrenched attitudes and the reality of it Harry visited the UK without either of them doing anything, as far as we know To call, text or meet up, I really don’t see them being able to reconcile in the near future. William is in so much pain that I think he puts Harry off his mind most of the time. She moved on with her life and I think Harry did too Jenny Bond said. The expert also stated that he believes that A Surely the King should send his son a message on his birthday – either via SMS or publicly on Instagram – However, if this has not happened yet, it will tell us a lot about the depth of their breakup.

And by the way, Harry celebrated his birthday with his wife, He’s spending time with Megan in Düsseldorf, The pair currently host the Invictus Games, an annual multi-sport event for wounded or wounded soldiers founded by the Duke in 2014.

I don’t think Harry was expecting a letter on his birthday anyway. Maybe it would be a bigger shock if he got it. I think Vilmos and Harry are pretty much done with each other right now.

But that didn’t mean Harry wouldn’t feel hurt. Family is very important to himAlthough he doesn’t really show it in the things he says and does, deep down he will feel upset. He is a very fragile and disturbed person Ginny continued her analysis of Harry and William About his relationship.

He then went on to say that despite moving to the US to start a new life with Meghan, 42, and their young children, four-year-old Prince Archie and two-year-old Princess Lilibet, According to Jenny, Harry will probably always miss the UK – writes A the sun.

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