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There’s no place to sit and frisk for your bag at night in the most stressful place in the world

There’s no place to sit and frisk for your bag at night in the most stressful place in the world

A company called Fleet Logging has compared several metro and rail stations around the world based on the amount of inconvenience a person experiences there.

The dubious victory also earned him two places. One is the Uručča metro station in Minsk, Belarus, which has the characteristics mentioned in the title, and the other is Praha-Čakovice in Prague.


In the US, the Elgin station in Illinois has the highest rate of reviews for unpleasant experiences and the place leaves a lot to be desired in terms of cleanliness, while in South America the Jacaré station on Brazil’s João Pessoa urban line system is worth avoiding, although it’s only half as stressful. .from the first place.

The least idyllic train stations in the Middle East and Central Asia are in Turkey and Iran, but the stress factor at Amiralm Station in Izmir is also just 36.4 percent.


In terms of Asia and Oceania, Harbin, China, stands out, which receives 25.46 million passengers annually, with over 76.9 percent of passengers having bad experiences. The sixth most stressful station in the world and the first in Africa is Jeddah in Egypt, with a stress value of 85.2 percent.

Belleville and Misafu of Cape Town in the Republic of the Congo are tied for second in the continental ranking, at 58.3 percent.

On the other hand, Palapye in Botswana has a remarkably low stress value of 4.6 percent and is the true embodiment of calm.

The atmosphere on London’s Piccadilly Line is also relatively calm, resulting in a stress factor of 28.6 per cent, in contrast to the city’s most stressful line, the Victoria Line, where Blackhorse Road (52.6 per cent) and Vauxhall (49 per cent) and Finsbury Park stations contribute ( 45 percent) was more likely to increase stress levels.

It was also recently revealed which European airports we are most likely to get stressed out at, and where we can go through inspection like a knife through butter.

(source: Schengen visa information(Images: Getty Images, Unsplash)

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