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There will be pickpocketing in Starfield |  PlayDome Online Games Magazine

There will be pickpocketing in Starfield | PlayDome Online Games Magazine

the Bethesda In role-playing games, we can become almost anything we want. The studio’s next RPG, it is starfield It will be the largest yet, as we can visit many worlds. In these we will meet all kinds of peoples. And of course we can put it in the pocket if we want to.

Pickpocketing is a long-running gameplay element in The Elder Scrolls and Fallout games, and will also be present in Starfield. But our work will be much more difficult than in fantasy or post-apocalyptic games. In Starfield, time doesn’t stop when you start digging into someone else’s pocket.

In previous Bethesda games, no matter how many times we went twitching, time stopped during the actual movement. So we can try as long as we want without any risk. This was also the case with breaking locks. On the other hand, time will not stop in Starfield, so it will be difficult for us to choose someone. We have to keep track and loot. The game gives us enough help just by showing the percentage of chance that we will have to run without falling, so we will be able to think about it in advance.

Starfield could very well be this fall’s big buzz, as it premieres on PC and Xbox Series X/S on September 6th.

Jerry G

Jerry G
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