There will be no US sanctions on the crown prince of Saudi Arabia

There will be no US sanctions on the crown prince of Saudi Arabia

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A 4-page report issued by the CIA revealed that Mohammed bin Salman, the heir to the throne of Saudi Arabia, had ordered the assassination of the critical journalist Jamal Hasujaj with a family ruling the Saudi government. After the report was published, the US government imposed sanctions on those involved in the journalist’s massacre, with the exception of the crown prince.

Writing for the Washington Post, Hasegdisi, who has lived in the US for some time, went to the Saudi Consulate General in Istanbul in 2018, where he never came out. In the building, a group of 15 people were coming from Riyadh that day, and they killed the journalist, cut his body to pieces and then removed the tracks. There was indeed a lot of evidence in the press in the past that the killing was done by direct order of Muhammad Bun Straw. But so far, the US intelligence services have not officially confirmed this.

After the report was presented, the US government announced a “Hajj Policy,” meaning that the United States prohibited those who, on behalf of the government, monitor, harass, or abuse critical civilians, activists, or journalists. Sanctions were also announced against individuals who may be involved in the case, against a number of members of the assassination squad, including Ahmed Hassan Muhammad Al-Asiri, the former head of the Saudi secret services, and the commander of the operation.

a guardian According to Article 1 of the law, the Saudi leadership felt relieved to receive news that the crown prince would not be subject to any sanctions. The Saudi government issued a statement saying that the entire report claims to be a lie. As we wrote about it, Joe Biden spoke on the phone prior to the report’s release With King StrawMohammed bin Salman with his father.

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