Acer has made a record-breaking Chromebook

There will be no Google Chrome 95

Chrome OS is also moving into a four-week release cycle.

In March, Google announced a more frequent release of major versions of Chrome, starting in the fall with a new version of the browser every four weeks, such as Firefox, instead of the usual six weeks. The company has now come to the same conclusion with Chrome OS, and owners of supported Chromebooks will receive a new major release every four weeks starting this fall.

Image is for illustration purposes only (Acer Chromebook 317)Source: Acer

However, Google wants to keep major versions of Chrome and Chrome OS in sync, so due to different release schedules, it’s now forced into an unprecedented maneuver: Four weeks after Chrome 94 was released in the third week of September, Chrome 96 will release the major release to developers.

Another new thing is that education and enterprise customers using Chrome OS devices will be able to move to a six-month release cycle in the future. If they did, their computers would only receive a major new version of Chrome OS every six months, but of course users would receive security updates in the meantime. Switching to a slower release channel can reduce the chances of unexpected issues due to new Chrome OS improvements.

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