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There will be more parking in downtown Macau

There will be more parking in downtown Macau

Although Makó's Tömörkeny utca street is not particularly long, and is also one-way, it plays an important role in city center traffic. For example, those heading to a large post office on a pedestrian street usually approach it from that direction and try to find a place for their car here while doing business. But there is a large number of students on the promenade that opens from here schoolAnd some shops Onion house also. Parking is also not the easiest since it is located next to an apartment building, so residents and visitors often park here.

In the next few days, an investment will be launched here aimed at making the parking lots more civilized and at the same time expanding the spaces. We learned from Gabor Czerbus, the municipal representative of the affected area, that the grass-covered parking lots here are being repaired, broken bricks are being replaced and plants are being renewed, and new saplings are being planted in place of dead trees. . The reason for making space for more cars is that until now it was mostly possible to park parallel to the road line, but now, where possible, a zigzag parking pattern has been created. Post Office Street Great outing This was originally planned between and the investment budget will depend on this.

Photo: Imre Szabó

– According to our hopes, we will be able to provide space for at least 20-30 cars Zerbus said.

The investment will start in the next few days, in the section between Posta utca and Nagyér Sétány – and the rest will follow after its completion. The contractor will be Délút Kft from Algyő, and delivery is expected before the start of the academic year. By the way, last year, new parking lots were built in the same place, next to the thermal center on Hunyadi Street, and this year, by the time the new section is delivered, Matic onion About, about a hundred in total.

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Cyclists were also considered

At the end of the post office in Kálvin utca there is also a bicycle storage facility, but it is now in a very neglected state, some of the racks are in disrepair, and the grass mesh underneath here is also inconvenient. We found out that new supports will be placed here after paving. This is important because many people go to the post office by bike, but there is no bike storage in front of the entrance.

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