There will be an ID card from the phones

There will be an ID card from the phones

The Orego I mentioned that Google, a member of the Android Ready SE Alliance, aims to create the ability to use Android smart devices for personal identification in a standard, transparent and interoperable way. This means that in the future, Android devices can be easily and securely used, for example, as a door key, or digital copies of documents such as ID cards and driver’s licenses can be stored on them.

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These ideas are not new, for example, some car manufacturers already allow car doors to be unlocked with a mobile phone.

There are also smart door locks, and in Germany, testing of a mobile app that can fully replace the ID card could start this summer. The problem is that without a unified framework, every stakeholder has yet to implement these features individually, which can lead to data security issues and incompatibilities.

Google and its partners will standardize the technology background needed for new types of usage requirements, helping to develop and deploy specific solutions.

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