There will be a more serious outage in Vodafone customer service at the end of July

There will be a more serious outage in Vodafone customer service at the end of July

Starting from the second half of July, Vodafone Hungary will gradually shut down some of its back-end systems due to IT transition, so it will not be possible to conclude a new contract, purchase or repair a mobile phone in a certain period of time, but

According to the information, the core services will remain usable at all times, and the outage will significantly affect the transactions managed by the billing system or closely related to it.

because of the change

  • Vodafone will no longer offer prepaid SIM cards based on web orders from 14 July;
  • Mobile web store buying will stop entirely on July 19, which means no new device can be purchased from Vodafone from that date
  • Finally, from July 24 to 28, the service provider’s nearly complete mobile management process will be suspended for five days.

In the past five days, it will not be possible to settle invoices, shipping balances or purchase equipment and services online or in Vodafone stores, or warranty management for defective equipment will be suspended during this time period. It will not be possible to pay the parking fee or the fee via SMS or the app, but the My Vodafone mobile subscription management interface will also not be available.

During the rest period, Vodafone roaming cannot be activated either.

In the case of Vodafone, the current migration only affects the mobile customer base.

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