There will also be four Hogwarts Legacy keep locations | News block

The official Twitter account for WB Games Support recently answered a number of community questions about Hogwarts LegacyIt revealed that the game will have four save locations.

The team detailed both manual and auto-save systems, with each character getting five auto-save slots and ten manual saves, a useful feature as curious gamers can try both sides of a big decision. This also means that players can play 4 different games with different characters at the same time.

A user asked if they could transfer progress from PlayStation to PC, and the support team replied that players can only sync their accounts across multiple platforms to get rewards, but saves cannot be transferred. This means that Progress or character cannot be transferred from console to PC or vice versa.

However, this answer didn’t say if this would be true between different consoles like PlayStation and Xbox, or between different generations like PS4 and PS5. the Hogwarts Legacy Arriving on February 10th, those who pre-order the Digital Deluxe Edition will get 3 days early access plus some exclusive in-game items that will serve as cosmetic. the Hogwarts Legacy game channel to me It will be one of the best games of 2023.

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