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There was surprising news about a comet hurtling toward Earth

There was surprising news about a comet hurtling toward Earth

The comet is still approaching Earth at high speed, but a significant change has occurred compared to before.

like this We wrote earlierComet 12P/Pons Brooks, whose size rivals the size of a city, continues its journey towards Earth under the observation of scientists: by the spring of 2024, it will reach this close distance to the celestial body that passes near the planet Earth. Earth whose flight we can observe with the naked eye.

The comet, which has a diameter of 30 kilometers, is periodically heated by the heat of the sun to the point that magma reaches its surface as a result of increased pressure inside it. When this happens,

It is as if he takes on a demonic appearance, as his horns grow.

Of course, not in reality, we just see the volcanic eruption this way, from a distance.

A previous shot by Hungarian amateur astronomer Dr. Tamás Elek of the comet’s trumpet

According to what was reported by Live Science Within five months The comet has sprouted these horns again for the third time, That is: the volcano above it erupted again. 12P/Pons-Brooks elegantly timed the latest eruption for Halloween.

This also indicates that the comet’s volcanic activity increases as it moves toward the interior of the solar system.

The horn-like shape is created when icy magma is ejected due to a gap on the comet’s surface preventing matter from flowing out of the core, allowing the strange plume to appear.

Comet It will be closest to Earth on June 2, 2024, but until then it will be about 232 million kilometers away. A celestial body moving in an elliptical orbit attracted by the sun. She completes her journey in 71 years. If you are interested in these types of attractions, you should see them next year: next time it will be a sight for another generation.

Interestingly, the Halloween eruption was also discovered by an amateur astronomer in the person of Eliot Herrmann: during the first summer eruption, a fellow Hungarian astronomer, doctor. This has been noticed by Tamas Elek The horns are on her, which he also said to Devani.

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