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There was no room on the Belgrade tram, so the little girl sat on an old woman’s lap

There was no room on the Belgrade tram, so the little girl sat on an old woman’s lap

These are the pages of our true love: a heartbreaking story unfolded from the pockets of a crumbled leather jacket

In 1971, the original owner recorded his distressing thoughts in a notebook that the cover kept for posterity.

Maya Sommer He is a professional Romanian player whose dream has now come true. He recently found a leather jacket in a thrift store, which he took home with great joy. However, as it turns out, it was more than just a leather jacket.

In a recent video, he shared his poignant discovery.

“I still can’t really process what I got.”

I started.

She told me she had found a leather jacket that fit her perfectly, so she excitedly bought it and took it home.

When he tried it at home, he felt like he was carrying something in his pocket. He reached out and took out a small notebook full of writing.

“The first page I opened of this little diary read:“ 1971. Thursday November 11th ”- Sommer said.

The rest of the short post was shocking. He said: “It’s been a week since Diane hasn’t called or texted me.”

The next entry was from November 22nd of the same year and it was sad too.

Today would have been our 9th anniversary and 10 years of being together.

– wrote the owner of the jacket. “I kicked it on my own.”

As Sommer flipped through the posts, a tragic story unfolded before him.

A previous post on November 4 revealed that it was the mystery couple’s last day of happiness.

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“Dian and I made love this morning. I took him to breakfast and then to work.” said another.

“I didn’t know it would be the last time I saw him.”

When he learned more about the mysterious Diane, Sommer said his feelings about the leather jacket changed.

“I felt the heartache that this jacket holds.”

The other pockets have surprises, too.

If you’re interested in continuing, turn the page!

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