There was a big announcement about King Karoli

King Charles He was born on November 14, but the British Flag Parade for his birthday won’t take place until June. It was the same Queen Elizabeth Also in the case of someone who was born in April, but the whole country celebrated together two months later. Well, what is the reason? We’ll tell you now!

weather weather…

It must be the weather! The weather in the UK is quite unpredictable and London is known for its heavy rains, which is why Queen Elizabeth and her husband King Charles In this case, a summer month, June, was chosen for the celebration.

We have the official date

King Charles’ birthday will be officially celebrated on June 17th. During the parade, about 113 words of command were spoken, 200 knights marched, and 400 military musicians played at the same time. The BBC will broadcast the events live. The Royal Family will watch the parade from the balcony of the first floor of the Horse Guards Building.

He will be crowned in May

There will be a lot of fun in British life in 2023! The coronation of King Charles takes place in May. After the celebration on May 6th, there will be an additional public holiday on Monday May 8th.


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