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There may also be a place for a sports car in Subaru’s future

There may also be a place for a sports car in Subaru’s future

There has never been a shortage of sports models in Subaru’s range, and although recreational vehicles have come to the fore recently, the concept shown at the Tokyo Motor Show shows that they haven’t completely forgotten about sports cars.

When you think of the name Subaru, you might think of world champion rally cars as well as the recreational SUVs that accompany them, and these have come to the fore recently. However, along with the electric Crosstrek, Forester and Solterra, the BRZ is one of the last representatives of classic sports cars, and Subaru has also prepared an interesting concept for this year’s Tokyo Motor Show.

The Sport Mobility Concept study car shows exactly what its name suggests: the sporty side of future transportation. They did not reveal much information about it, but just looking at it is enough to know what they mean by it.

At least its two-door body reminds us a little of the legendary Impreza STi.

Of course, the future study car already has a crossover style, and even this suits Subaru well, and it seems that this car cannot be awkward even on cobblestone tracks. The Sport Mobility concept is, of course, the all-wheel drive system is, you guessed it, purely electric. It doesn’t matter if it seems like that, anything can set the wheels off.

Subaru has yet to reveal the purpose of the study, but we wouldn’t mind if the successor to the soon-to-be discontinued BRZ had a similar look. With its angular fender flares, short overhangs and rally-style wheels, it’s a unique character that we’d love to see on the roads. Subaru will introduce four new electric vehicles by 2028, and this could be one of them.

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