There is still time to save the marble bride!

There is still time to save the marble bride!

As long as the walls of the iconic restaurant stand, there’s a chance – says the left-wing municipality of Budavar. But in the meantime, the bureau’s Architectural and Engineering Planning Board issued a brief decision in favor of the new owner erecting a new multi-storey building in place of the Marble Bride. Who says where the bailout went down, what could be the solution? This is what we followed.

Written by Zoltán Veczán and Gábor Nagy

“I am proud that our joint efforts with the Buda municipality employees were successful – wrote last January on the community page for dialogue Marta VWe have achieved that, as a result of the opinion of the chief architect on the planned demolition of the Marble Bride and the mayor’s declaration accordingly, the investor modified his original plans; The government office authorized the demolition

That the distinctive ground floor part of the building must be preserved

and that it be designed during the investment so that this suite would function as a hostel.” The first man in the area I reported. but the Mandiner On May 10 this year, a summary decision has already been adopted by the Municipal Architectural and Technical Planning Council “High quality”And the “Until now”And the masked titled Building Plans, to which the Council objected in almost all respects. (This is how the repairs were made.)

Contrary to the mayor’s left claim, a multi-storey building will be built on the site of the famous building and the restaurant it houses – its history is discussed in our box (Márvány utca 6-8), which does not fit the area at all. (Currently there is a one-story building on one side and an empty plot of land on the other, with height restrictions in addition.) And while there will indeed be a street-front service room that the district manager has referred to as a restaurant, it will only be a delivery kitchen.

Simply the small one-story street-facing building of the restaurant on Marvani Street, near Bloodfield, it has a rich history: it has been in business since 1793, from the French Revolution until November 2020. Initially, Marble Bride worked as a wine meter, and even closed He was working as a restaurant.

Reform era greats like István SzéchenyiAnd the Miklos Wesselini Not only did they enrich the very illustrious circle of guests, they also held their weddings here. The pleasant place scattered under chestnut trees is said to have been named after an ordinary sculptor who leveled the bill with a marble statue. In the lofty place of Krisztinaváros, the horns did not hold, the famous guests did not run out, From Mór Jókai to Eden Szigligeti Next to Addie Indri. The latter also had a separate staff table.

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Later, as a complement to Gundel’s socialism, the place became a major tourist destination and then became private.

After one year of protection granted by the Prime Minister’s Office last year expired, a new owner, Recontra Real Estate Services and Operator Services Ltd.

permission garden For demolition and construction of a new apartment building.

This is not the first time. The first news came a year and a half ago: the company obtained a partial demolition permit for the marble Arouse building. There was great outrage, in addition to local patriots and defenders of the city, the leadership of the district also indicated the protection of the building, as we have seen, the Mayor published a dialogue about his achievements at that time. However, progress was not made in the negotiations of the Naszályi family, but in the representatives of the government parties, so Laszlo Boroch The previous parliament and Mrs. Sandor Peter brought about by the efforts of municipal representatives. The latter had already initiated an extraordinary procedure at the end of 2020 to grant protection to the building as a monument. (It is true that at that time it was already possible to guess what everyone wanted to avoid: since the demolition procedure had begun and the procedure was in force at the time it was started – the restaurant building was not individually protected. The advertisement might have helped a little.)

“As early as January, we started accelerated measures to protect the memorial of the marble building, but this only means temporary protection for one year.” – Böröcz wrote in a note the other day, stressing, however, that in order to fully protect the Chamber, it was necessary for the local government to issue a local protection for the Marble Bride.

Where is the next?

The other day, we wrote to the owner, the mayor, and loyalist MPs to see if there was a chance of salvaging the iconic building. If not, how to proceed? V. We asked Naszály why he wrote it before “The distinctive ground floor part of the building” It should be kept until this year A resolution is passed within the municipality “High quality”And the “Until now”And the masked titled Building Plans. The Ltd. He responded to our paper on Monday, and in place of the area’s number one, the Municipal Press Service responded last Friday, in consultation with the chief architect’s office.

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Previous wrote a recontra 2022. On May 24, he submitted his request for construction and demolition to the Department of Construction and Heritage Protection of the Government Office of the capital, Budapest. “According to archives and other documents, the original building of the former restaurant has been reconstructed several times and in the past, for example in the late 19th century, the 1950s, and more recently before the turn of the millennium.” – He stated that the company has been cooperating constructively with the government licensing office, the local government with the right to comment, and the district planning council since the beginning of the planning and licensing process. It was noted that the damaged part of the castle area is a residential area, and the function of the new building in line with the cityscape was determined accordingly, while respecting the relevant regulations.

However, the press service of the office indicated that the government decree does not currently prohibit the demolition of protected local buildings in the area. “At the same time, this means that based on legal regulations higher than the municipal level, the marble bride’s building can be saved – on the official level – from demolition only by protecting the monument.” Refers to the temporary protection of antiquities issued to the property by the Heritage Protection Division of the Department of Construction and Heritage Protection in the Office of Government.

The Heritage Protection Authority has also acted in the event of a change of purpose of the property, i.e. the municipality of the district

He has no authority when the nineteenth. The purpose of the building, which had served as a restaurant since the beginning of the 19th century, was changed to an office by the Office of Government.

In January 2022, when the temporary protection of monuments ended, the Deputy Minister of State for Architecture, Construction and Heritage Protection in the Prime Minister’s Office did not recommend the building for antiquities protection based on a professional decision.

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The government office decides to demolish independently of the building permit procedures, while the former area only has room to maneuver in the latter. “Unfortunately, not for demolition, but for the construction of the new building, it is necessary to obtain a settlement opinion from the district, which the government office will take into account during the building permit procedure.” — he wrote, repeating the former mayor’s statement that the district could only support a plan that would allow the restaurant function to continue to live on the ground floor, and also evoke the idea of ​​the marbled bride in its appearance on the facade. “As long as the building stands, there is a chance to save it!” We saw that a completely different decision was finally made in the Planning Board.

Amendment to the law?

However, the problem is that this is not primarily an architectural masterpiece, as the marble bridal has much more ideological value, which unfortunately is not necessarily sufficient reason to revoke the demolition permit in the building case. They also wrote from the appropriate office: The building has been reconstructed so many times that neither curiosity of local history nor its past is sufficient reason to make it a monument. On that day, the left-wing mayor also took up this argument in a public forum.

What the leftist politician says is true, but the problem is that the intellectual heritage is not protected in Hungary, Petrnier Sendor acceded to our request, who believes that the legislation needs to be amended. The former immediate deputy mayor of District One, a new member of the House of Representatives, said, Ferenc Gelenser You can really make a suggestion for this situation as well. “Given that the current plan for the installation, according to the Architectural and Technical Council, has been challenged at nearly every point, there will be time to try again.” Note.

On the last suggestion, we also contacted the head of Momentum, who also addressed him to the party’s press department. Anyway, as soon as they respond, we will update our article.

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