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There is still a place in the industrial area of ​​Bélapátfalv

There is still a place in the industrial area of ​​Bélapátfalv

decent Bellapatvalf industrial area According to Mayor Peter Ferencz. As he said, only halls that have no owners or tenants have been renovated. Not because there is no demand for it, but because last year the local government closed an investment project in an EU industrial park. This is 401 million HUF upgrading the infrastructure Including, the water, gas, electric, road and fire water network utilities have been renovated, and this now connects them to Gharbia. Some halls are still waiting for tenants or for sale.

– Of the total 49 hectares, 6-8 hectares are free, in addition to the existing halls. The floor area of ​​the superstore is 1.2 hectares, meaning we have an additional three hectares of buildings in total. Someone interested in moving in We are expecting a new tenant from October with an interest in the metal fabrication and production of welded structures. It seems that we can no longer provide the hall, and only the large store will remain, which is of a special nature, and we are looking for a suitable task in it, which will be compatible with its physical characteristics – Peter Ferinks explained.

According to the city’s mayor, there isn’t enough money they can’t spend, and they will apply for additional tenders to develop industrial zones if given the chance. They can build roads and modify infrastructure. The results of the previous tender will satisfy the current group of entrepreneurs and settlers in terms of performance, water, gas and electricity.

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There is a workforce now, says Peter Ferencz, and not just from the narrowly considered region.

– Somewhere the direction of flow has shifted, in the past 20 years people used to go to work in Eger from Bellabatfalva, now they come here from Eger and Azde too. The population of our city is characterized by a natural decline, as in other settlements, this is the case with the first age group, the middle age, and most of the professionals are leaving – the mayor outlined the situation.

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