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There is speculation all over the world about the true profession of Mr. Bean, although there is no clear reference to this 26-year-old’s exposed secret.

There is speculation all over the world about the true profession of Mr. Bean, although there is no clear reference to this 26-year-old’s exposed secret.

To this day, many people speculate about Mr. Bean’s work, even though the answer has been before our eyes for decades.

Although Rowan Atkinson’s legendary character, Mr. Bean, also has a serious fan base in Hungary, it’s nothing like the cult films of Bud Spencer and Terrence Hill. Regardless, to this day, many people still love the bumbling character, and we’re also happy to watch episodes of the cult series anytime.

There are a lot of question marks about Mr. Bean, because if you think about it, we really don’t know much about the character, his past, where he came from, his full name, and his occupation. It should be added that the 1997 film Bean – the real disaster movie (opened in cinemas in Hungary on November 6, 1997 – ed.) tried to explain a lot about the character of Rowan Atkinson, in one scene it is said that it could be so, what is the first name of Mr. Bean.

After 30 years, Mr. Bean's first name is revealed, you'll never guess what his full name is

After 30 years, Mr. Bean’s first name is revealed, you’ll never guess what his full name is

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It is also revealed in this movie what the character’s job is. When Richards-Curtis and Rowan Atkinson created the character for the series that ran from 1990 to 1995, they didn’t want to go into detail about Mr. Bean’s full name and profession, but after the series there was so much speculation and theory surrounding him that the creative pair decided to tie some threads and answer a question. Some mysteries about Bean in the 1997 movie.

At the start of the work, it is revealed that Ben is working as a janitor in a hall at the British National Gallery in London. Of course, that in and of itself does not mean that this was his job during the events of the series, but the head of the show makes a statement that clearly indicates that Mr. Bean was indeed a custodian of the hall during the series.

“I hired this nice young man when I was in your position. I will quit immediately if I say something against him.”

He says this right after a board member says that “Mr. Bean has been with them for years.”

One of Mr. Bean's funniest scenes was cut and left unnoticedOne of Mr. Bean's funniest scenes was cut and left unnoticed

One of Mr. Bean’s funniest scenes was cut and left unnoticed

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Since about the same amount of time can pass between the plot of the series and the movie as between the final episode of the series and the 1997 action – two years – it is clear that the character was already a room-keeper at the National Gallery at that time.

The Bean – The real disaster movie was a hit with audiences and grossed well at the box office, but critics turned it off because they found it too American. They also complained that Mr. Bean talks too much in the film; According to the opinion of film journalists at the time, this film was made solely to make Rowan Atkinson’s cult figure known abroad.

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