There is someone who can help Black David, who has accumulated huge debts

There is someone who can help Black David, who has accumulated huge debts

Storm clouds are gathering over the singer’s head, not only He lost his family, From He also has a huge debt due to his destructive business.

David Black is also in big trouble in business

David Black Mega Megasztár At the time of his fourth series, he recognized it Faith Church With its founder, With Sindor Nemeth, Who provided him with spiritual assistance so that he could tackle the sudden and popular success that came with David taking second place in the search for talent.

“I missed you and made bad decisions.”

Nemeth Sandor lends a hand

The relationship between the singer and Sandor Nameth was fractured in 2013, but the priest still carries in his heart the fate of David. Regarding family and material nature scandals about the singer, contact the Gyur organization of the Church of Faith.

David did not seek spiritual help from the worshipers, but he can do so at any time, and despite what has happened, he will be received with open arms, because Basically a good person, Even if he’s wrong now and making bad decisions, Sándor Németh starts telling Bors, who also reveals that he can’t help David with his financial troubles, but he can find his family.

For more details a pepper In the Saturday issue of the daily newspaper and the side!

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