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There is little space in the dormitories, and the rents are very high

There is little space in the dormitories, and the rents are very high

August 24, 2023 – 08:38

Of the current 56,000 university residences, only 14,000 are in Budapest, and subletting is likely to be unaffordable for students. writes intone.

The problem is not new, research conducted by the National Conference of Student Governments (HÖOK) in 2017 showed that there was a 130-140% increase in dormitories nationwide, and nearly 10,000 new capacity would be needed in Budapest in order to improve case a little. However, there is no news about the planned student city project, which is the investment housing to be built in the Nagyvásártelep district.

According to HÖOK, there will be an increase in enrollment in university dormitories this year compared to last year

  • Sublease inventories have declined significantly over the past five years;
  • Fewer and fewer people can afford an average apartment;
  • This year, 28 percent more students were accepted into higher education.

So far, students at rural universities have been more satisfied, and oversubscription has been lower. But this year that may change, as the number of students jumps, especially in rural universities: the number of admissions increased by 43%.

A student loan, which can be obtained on favorable terms at the EU level, can help students, but many of them do not want to get a free student loan to use to finance their housing if they do not succeed in college. According to HÖOK, institutions decide on many issues related to the accommodation points system, and usually social background is the deciding factor for admission, and only then are academic results and overall performance taken into account, ie.

An advantage is given to students with low family income.

In the capital, average monthly rents for subletting exceed 200,000 HUF, plus utility bills and a security deposit, which now equates to 2-3 months’ rent. Based on its own data, Donna House (DH) indicated that the average monthly rental fee in the capital in July could already exceed 225,000 HUF. A studio apartment can be rented for HUF 150-170 thousand, a two-bedroom apartment for 250-350 thousand, and a three-bedroom apartment for an average rent of HUF 350-500 thousand per month in the populated areas of the capital.

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