There is hope: Science may have picked up on one of the most insidious types of cancer

By identifying the protein, they can turn it off Pancreas cancer Severe cases by researchers from the US Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL). Indicator According to the article Scientists in New York have discovered the type of SRF1 protein responsible for initiating and accelerating pancreatic cancer. This is also a big problem because, as the article says, this type of cancer is one of the hardest and fastest growing types of cancer, with a survival rate of 10 percent.

Diagnosed patients are usually given a five-year prognosis.

Hungarian readers are familiar with the terrible disease from Peter Esterházy’s Pancreatic Diary, but Index noted that, among other things, Steve Jobs, Apple CEO and actor Patrick Swayze also died. Pinpointing the type of protein causing the disease means that oncology will finally be able to achieve rapid results in stopping this type of cancer. One of the leaders of the research group, Adrian Krener, was very optimistic about the discovery:

“Pancreatic cancer is often discovered too late, and neither chemotherapy nor surgery is effective anymore. But if we understand their genetic mechanisms, they can be identified earlier and new treatments can be used.”

(Featured image: illustration. Photo: Amelie Benoist/IMAGE POINT FR/BSIP via AFP)

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