There is enough oxygen in the lost submarine for three days

There is enough oxygen in the lost submarine for three days

Warships and helicopters are searching for a military submarine with 53 people on board that disappeared in the Java Sea on Wednesday. The submarine was on a military mission north of Bali when it lost contact. According to the commander of the Navy: There is enough oxygen on board until Saturday. ATV News Report.

The German-made submarine, which went missing on Wednesday near Bali in conditions not yet known, is being searched with great force. According to press reports, the search included six warships, helicopters and about 400 people. They lost contact with the military vehicle 95 km from the beaches while performing torpedo exercises. The Navy captain said they had plenty of time to find the crew by 3am on Saturday.

“The car contains enough oxygen for 72 hours, or 3 days, in the event of a power outage,” said Commander Udu Margono.

According to the country’s navy, the submarine can reach 700 meters underwater. Singapore and Malaysia help with the rescue operation with research boats, but the United States, Australia, France and Germany have also offered to help.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo said: “I have ordered the Army Commander, Chief of the Navy Staff and search teams to make every effort to implement rescue operations.”

A Navy spokesman said that the vehicle was designed to dive to a depth of 250 to 500 meters, in addition to the depth that could pose a danger to it. Indonesia possesses a total of five submarines. The lost ship was now built in the late 1970s and underwent a complete renovation in 2012 in South Korea.

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With a crew of 53, a military submarine disappeared on board

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