There is an area where cooperation between Russia and America remains unimpeded

The Russian state space company, Rossmos, broadcast the launch of the space rocket live.

the crew – Oleg Artemov captain and Genesis Matveyevet and Sergey KorsakovAfter extension – two Russians and four American and German astronauts are waiting on the space station.

The Soyuz spacecraft is scheduled to return on March 30 to the United States. Mark Vandy HeyIt takes him to Earth, which on Tuesday broke the US record for space existence by 340 days, as well as two Russian cosmonauts.

Until recently, cooperation in space research was one of the few areas not particularly affected by Western sanctions imposed following the Russian invasion of Crimea in southern Ukraine in 2014.

– The French news agency AFP reported.

Dmitriy RogozinHowever, the head of Rosmosmos, who was appointed in 2018, warned on March 12 that the sanctions would also affect the operation of the Russian spacecraft that provides the International Space Station, potentially leading to a landing of the 500-ton space station.

The Russian spacecraft moored to the International Space Station has an important role to play in improving, for example, the orbit of the space station around the Earth. The process is repeated dozens of times a year to keep the structure at the proper height and avoid hitting debris.

On Monday, he admitted that only Americans have this ability Joel Montalbanodirector of the NASA space station program.

The space station is built on the principle of interdependence (…), it is not a program that one party can get out of

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he added.

Bill NelsonIn an interview with US News Agency on Friday, the director of NASA did not attach much importance to Rogozin’s statement that the United States could “fly into space on a broomstick” if Russia stopped supplying the United States with rocket engines. Comp.

Dmitry Rogozin is like that, he talks back and forth all the time, but in the end he works with us

Nelson said.

Others working in Russia’s civilian space program are professionals. They never stop working with American astronauts and American air traffic controllers

he added.

The contract between Rosmos and NASA expires in 2024 and NASA wants to extend it until 2030.

A Soyuz missile was launched on Friday Sergey Korolev It bears the name of a Soviet missile maker who was born in 1907 in Zhytomyr, Ukraine.

The European Space Agency (ESA) announced Thursday that it has suspended Russia’s European ExoMars program on Mars and is looking for an alternative to four other programs due to Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

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