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There is a special place on Earth that has a geological composition similar to that of Mars

There is a special place on Earth that has a geological composition similar to that of Mars

If we wanted to enter the oldest land on the planet, we would have to travel all the way to Australia.

Largely deserted and very sparsely populated, the Pilbara is a popular travel destination due to its rich and impressive history and impressive natural features. When the Pilbara was formed, even terrestrial life was mostly one Divine vision It would have been as follows: According to geology professor Martin van Kranendonck, an excellent expert on the area

The Pilbara region is special not only because of its age, but also because of its excellent condition.

The Pilbara rock is so old that there are simply no fossils in its structure, after all of these rocks were formed in pre-human times. But they found stromatolites on its surface, which can be considered the first photosynthetic “organisms” on the planet. It's like stepping into a huge, rust-colored time capsule.

In 2019, NASA researchers found similarities between the rock composition of the Pilbara and Mars.

If you look at photos of the area, the dominance of red immediately catches your eye – this is a result of the high iron content inherent in the rocks. The Pilbara shows us, with little exaggeration, what the world might have looked like three and a half billion years ago, at the beginning of the beginning, long before continents broke up or life emerged. The Pilbara can be a unique destination for astronomers and sky lovers alike, because the clear skies here beautifully reveal even the smallest details of the Milky Way.

Among the wildlife, dense vegetation, rocks and waterfalls, we find clear pools that sparkle with the color of the sea, and in addition, the mentioned canyons covered in red are what can captivate visitors. These very ancient valleys help us see the ripples of time.

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