There is a serious situation: the government has announced new relief for housing units

There is a serious situation: the government has announced new relief for housing units

With reference to the state of emergency, the government applies CXXXIII of 2003 to housing units. On the law, which will be applied in the future according to the following points:

The General Assembly can decide to install and operate a solar collector and solar panel system on a part of the building jointly owned by the affirmative vote of the joint owners by a majority of not less than 75% according to the total ownership shared.

And this is of great importance, because so far one of the biggest obstacles to the installation of various systems has been the fact that in the case of apartment buildings, the consent of the so-called ownership of each inhabitant was requiredThe roof is an undivided public property.

The decree also stipulates that the detailed rules related to the installation and operation of the system should be established, in particular the terms of connection, and the sharing of costs and revenues for the installation and operation.

It is also important that, in order to supply energy to a separately owned apartment or a room intended for non-apartment purposes, the planned system can only be installed on a part of the building jointly owned, if it is not installed. It is impossible to install a solar panel to reduce the common cost.

The ordinance, which will take effect from Wednesday, also states that for residential communities with up to six apartments, Tht. Based on the provisions of Paragraph (3) of Paragraph 13, the rules of Law V of 2013 on the Civil Code relating to common property shall be applied.

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Those condominiums that would have installed one of the above systems before, but did not have the opportunity to do so due to the lack of a unanimous decision, may wish to hurry. Signed by Prime Minister Viktor Orban Decree No. 6 of 2022 on avoiding the consequences of the armed conflict in Ukraine and the humanitarian catastrophe in Hungary. ends with the expiration of the law.

The government’s goal with the just-published decree may be to help apartment dwellers transition toward the use of alternative energy. In the event that only a few owners have prevented the investment so far, it should be possible to implement it in the future, in order to mitigate the expected huge rise in utility costs of the condominiums.

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