Szorul a hurok a Trump Organization nyaka körül

There is a ring around the neck of the Trump Organization

According to the news, for example, they accuse the organization of giving special benefits to its directors and senior executives, which were subsequently omitted from their tax returns and reports. For the possibility of using real estate, cars or just collecting school fees for their relatives.

Allen Weisselberg, the company’s chief financial officer, surrendered to the prosecution even before the charges against him were announced. According to the Trump Organization, Wesselberg is just a way for prosecutors to harm the former president. A spokesman for the Trump Organization said there was no issue of justice, and considered the whole matter to be politically motivated.

No charges are expected against Trump and his family, but the Trump Organization can expect fines and other penalties if found guilty – READ outlet.

The Trump Organization is a family owned business that can lay claim to golf clubs, hotels, and luxury real estate. Donald Trump handed control of the company to his two oldest sons and Weisselberg when he moved into the White House in early 2017.

The current charges could also be used to pressure Weiselberg in a possible future trial, which in turn would be against Trump or some members of his family. Weiselberg, a longtime confidant of Trump, has so far refused to cooperate with prosecutors.

In a statement, Trump said his company’s actions were “common practice in the American business community and in no way a crime” and that the Democratic attorney general has opened an investigation “in search of a crime.” This is the first criminal lawsuit filed by the Manhattan District Attorney against the Trump Organization after more than two years of investigating the alleged fraud.

One thread of the investigation will reveal whether the Trump Corporation has manipulated the value of its holdings for tax cuts and more favorable borrowing opportunities. The investigation focuses on the run-up to Trump’s presidency.

New York State Attorney General Letitia James is also investigating the Trump Organization and is cooperating with Vance’s office.

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