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There is a possibility that older video cards will also receive the new upgrade program from AMD

Van rá esély, hogy régebbi videokártyák is megkapják az AMD új felskálázó szoftverét kép

AMD wants to run a solution called Radeon Super Resolution on other video cards for the first time, and support for older GPUs may come later.

When is AMD Unveiled recently Upgrade technology, second generation FSR, another very similar program was introduced as an added surprise. The big advantage of Radeon Super Resolution, or RSR for short, is that it works in the video card player, so you don’t need dedicated hardware like Nvidia’s DLSS, and even the game doesn’t need tech support. The biggest drawback, then, is that only Radeon RX 5000 and later GPUs have received RSR support, but the good news is that it won’t necessarily stay that way forever.

Glenn Matthews, Director of Software Management, spoke about their plans to expand compatibility and potential future opportunities. computer gamesnickThat said, it’s not worth expecting that the RX 580, which will prove to be more popular in our Steam hardware survey, will soon be expanded to include a list of supported video cards. According to Matthews, next time I want to extend Radeon Super Resolution to the integrated video cards found in Ryzen 6000 APUs (these Published early 2022solutions used in laptop computers), and this work could be completed in the second quarter of the calendar.

The team’s next task is expected to make Radeon Super Resolution available on laptops using a Ryzen 6000 processor and a discrete Radeon video card starting this fall. They will then only decide which video card or configuration can get compatibility later, so there is some hope for the previous generation Desktop GPUs But it is difficult to assess the actual opportunities at the moment.

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In any case, AMD can see firsthand how this upgrade technology can be beneficial for a less powerful video card. Which steam surface Built with Valve using technology very similar to Radeon Super Resolution, which also allows the unique and energy-efficient AMD APU to play modern games at an acceptable frame rate.

How do you see yourself going with an older AMD video card by the end of the year, or even early 2023?

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