“There is a place where, if you look for it, you can see the sky.” – Memory of Sindoor HájŁ

deceased Sandor Hagdi… It can certainly be said of him that many of us in Vác believed that he had lived among us for several generations and that somehow no one believed that this could change at any time in the future and that he could ever leave us … He led a very diverse life in The community of Vác’s people is his life, so everyone who knew him has a very different story than everyone else. For example, it is also possible that he was the first to listen to Pink Floyd’s field of astronomy when he brought his large recorder into the studio, and later, as Váci Hírnök’s first editor, he would have collaborated with him – as the mildest and wisest actor – to sing about City affairs during, or when he gave another important lesson before Boronkai about patriotism, nationhood, and the galactic future… Sandor Hagdi From memory now below Judge Georgie He tells his story. In our respective stories what remains between us Our brother AlexanderMay God have mercy on him.


I got to know him while serving on the first freely elected representative body.

Not as a party politician, but as a true city politician who has Vác’s interests in mind in all his decisions. In addition to the representative Vác, who knows and prepares everything carefully, I was also able to get to know another side of him when I staged the first Naszály Earth Day Tour.

Judge Giorgi Biro immortalized all the members of the First Council, and also made a drawing of Sandor Hajdu at the time

He joined the program as a hiker and by the time we got home I already knew that from now on I would only be the organizer of the program. Hundreds of people joined Naszály’s tour.

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Every year, Bácsi Sanyi finds new and new avenues and astonishes the participants with new knowledge, be it the history of the Kosdi coal mine or the fossil remains known as Saint László’s money found in the mountain. In order to expand the tours with new information and routes each year, it was necessary for someone who had already walked the roads weeks before and searched for new facts and myths in the archives.

Sandor Hajji, Versatile Public Figure

Few people know about the actor who, at a meeting of the board of directors, argued that he has a wonderful sense of children. In the Gyadai meadow kindergarten program – since he took over the tour – the kindergarteners competed to see which group Uncle Sani would lead. While everyone was doing their business, there was always a group where a tall, skinny, bearded man was surrounded by parents and kindergartners, like a chicken coop, and they were listening intently as he talked about the mountain and nature while walking. When it was time to rest, he took a carrot out of his bag, cut it into rings and gave it to the children, telling them what vitamins it contains. Bácsi Sanyi’s beetroot also became a legend, so much so that we also bought it on tours, and when he ran out of his bag we called him carefully and handed spare ammo so that everyone who heard the good word still felt like a snack they could get.

He also planned a Naszály tour in the spring, but he complained about his leg and we managed to convince him to stay and rest, because we want him to go with us again in the fall when he will be healed. He stayed with the condition that we promised to call him during the tour and inform him of our whereabouts. And that’s what happened.

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When I called him and told him where we were going, he asked me if I hadn’t forgotten to listen to the cuckoo with the hikers, because there’s always a cuckoo in the corner of the meadow, which kids coming up from town should hear.

And the hive, from above the trees…(Requested)

Yes, we just got through, but you haven’t told me yet. (I answered)

Yes, because it occurred to me that when you look from above the earth, the sky is so beautiful blue that if you look carefully behind the blue of the sky, you will think that you can see heaven too, where the angels are bringing you back. (He said with great enthusiasm)

But we could no longer see this, because we were already approaching the “rest of the giants”.

When summer is over and autumn comes, we must go to Nasali without him, and I know we must find a clearing, if we look through the trees, the sky is so beautiful blue that we will think we can see heaven, and the angels and perhaps Uncle Sani will call us back from there.

It was such an honor to be able to hike with him, and we would love to take him on the Autumn Naszály Tour on September 24th To commemorate and inaugurate Sindor Hajo together.

Giorgi Biro and his friends


Local administrators II. – Interview with Sindor Hajo, former representative of the municipality

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