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There is a place where dreams truly come true

There is a place where dreams truly come true

The fulfillment of desires is supervised by the ruler of the empire, King Magnifico, who practically chooses who can make their dreams come true. But 17-year-old Asha sees it differently: All desires should be addressed and nothing should be ignored. For this reason, Asha has negative feelings towards the king, and believes that he is evil, so she begins praying to the stars. To his surprise, a star unexpectedly falls from the sky to help him.

By the way, Asha’s character is quite symbolic, as she is 17 years old at the intersection of adolescence and adulthood, and her character perfectly displays the idealism that characterizes this period. During her adventures, Asha notices that the world is indeed full of mistakes and injustice, and realizes that not everything is as perfect as she previously imagined.

The new Disney animation has already received a lot of criticism based on the previews and information released so far, because according to some claims, the depiction of the King as evil is not actually evil. According to commentators, Magnifico uses his powers well and properly when he filters people’s desires, unlike Asha, who wants to fulfill everyone’s wishes, no matter what that person looks like. Of course, it’ll all be clear what the reception will be when the film premieres, but early reports don’t look very positive so far.

Despite all this, Jennifer Lee, creative director of Disney Animation, hopes that Asha’s journey will be loved by many, and that the story will be judged as honest and sweet. The goal is definitely to inspire the audience, and it is assumed that if we work for it, dreams can truly come true.

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The new animation will arrive on November 22, and the story is voiced by famous actors such as Oscar-winning actress Ariana DeBose or Chris Pine. In terms of songs, Wish promises to be very impressive, as Grammy Award winner Julia Michaels, whose name is associated with hits like Justin Bieber, also worked on it. Sorry Or Selena Gomez Hands to myself His song.

Here is the latest trailer:


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