There is a lot of trouble in the world's largest container port, tons of cargo is deteriorating

There is a lot of trouble in the world’s largest container port, tons of cargo is deteriorating

In some neighborhoods of the city, residents cannot leave their homes, and fences limit the movement of people. According to the competent authorities, the port is “operating normally” until the beginning of May, despite reports of congestion. news quotes at

When assessing the situation, the following should also be considered: Shanghai Not only China, but the largest container port in the world, where the city closure has already caused severe congestion, and in the near future there may be chaos affecting the whole world.

The number of ships passing in front of a Chinese port and waiting in line to load has doubled since the lockdown began, causing disruption due to massive congestion and long-term connectivity of a large number of vessels operating in global traffic.

The curfew eased somewhat during the last week of May, but the situation at the port is exacerbated by the fact that the port’s refrigerated warehouses are full of perishable goods and the authorities do not want to allow refrigerated containers to be unloaded until the epidemic is eased.

Residents of a city of about 25 million people are already facing serious problems due to delays in receiving incoming food and medical supplies, as food scarcity and restrictions on personal mobility make health care more difficult.

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