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There is a beautiful European city where half the population bikes to work

There is a beautiful European city where half the population bikes to work

Cycling is becoming increasingly popular across Europe, and in particular there are already some cities where it is the main mode of transport.

The Netherlands is known for its love of cycling, but Amsterdam isn’t the only place where residents prefer to get around on two wheels rather than four. According to the European Cyclists’ Association, forty-nine percent of Copenhagen residents bike to work. In comparison, this figure is thirteen percent in Berlin and less than five percent in London.

Bicycle use is widespread across Denmark, and a Eurobarometer survey, for example, shows that a third of people say they ride a bicycle at least once a week.

But what makes cycling so popular in Copenhagen?

On the one hand, because the city is designed for cycling, the network of painted bike lanes and separated bike paths is very large.

Restrictions on quieter streets keep speeds low, while streets are designed to slow cars down. According to Visit Copenhagen, the streets ensure that motorists respect the speed limit. All of this means that cyclists can enjoy a safe environment in Copenhagen, with barriers protecting them from cars on several roads.

Thanks to this, more than three quarters of the population feel safe while cycling, in contrast to London, for example, where half of the participants do not feel safe during rush hour.

As an interesting problem, creative solutions to parking of two-wheelers had to be found due to the city’s obsession with bikes. This is the case, for example, with the bicycle parking at Norrepoort station, which is lowered forty centimeters below the sidewalk, and the system can accommodate 2,500 bicycles without obstructing the view.

Furthermore, Copenhagen’s air quality is among the best in Europe, and its pollution level is much lower than that of London.

Mountain bike trails not only offer a great view, but also provide a constant adrenaline rush, which is what regular mountain bikers crave. All over the world, we can find great routes that often present great challenges for those who want to exercise.

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