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There have been many victories for Jászberény in the Student Olympiad

There have been many victories for Jászberény in the Student Olympiad

Last Saturday, the regional finals of the Student Olympiad 2022-2023 took place in eastern Hungary at the JP Stadium in Jászberény.

On the Jászberényi side, good results were achieved in several age groups. In the UP4 trio, the Szent István Sport primary and secondary teams finished first with the line-up of Kispál Petronella, Alina Székely and Fruzsina Varga. In the same category, Jászberényi Nagyboldogasszony Catholic Kindergarten, Bilingual Primary School, High School and College ranked second. The students of the latter institution also won the UP3 team competition, while the youth of Szent István won the group competition for the fourth age group.

Jaszbereny results:

UP2 Singles: Jázmin Fekete 18th, Fruzsina Cseh 14th, Hanna Balint 5th, Zoé Bánföldi 16th, Dóra Dudás 10th, Nora Hajdu 17th.

UP4 trio: Petronila Kisbal, Alina Sekeli, Frosina Varga 1st place, Luca Ellis, Norina Kaspap, Elisa Turok 2nd

UP2 Doubles: Hanna Balint, Marton Bana, 4th place, Frosina Cheh, Lara Letvay 7th, Dorka Kispalas, Sofia Szabo 8th, Yazmin Fekete, Dorina Torma 10th, Nora Hajdu, Liliana Kereks 9th

UP2 trio: Lilla Banka, Viktória Ferencz, Noémi Palotai second, Janka Boldizsár, Boglárka Horváth, Glenda Aisha Mészáros third, Emese Kellner, Lea Tóth, Lilien Varga fourth.

UP2 Step Team: Emese Kellner, Laura Rimaszombati, Lea Tóth, Lilien Varga 2nd.

UP3 trio: Csenge Litkei, Petra Pintér, Lili Sőregi second place.

UP1 Singles: Ragna Alexa 8th, Mira Dorotea Painter 10th, Zafa Madarasi 15th

UP1 Doubles: Dorka Ludányi, Petra Tóth, 9th

UP3 Team: Jázmin Gócsa, Linda Herczeg, Petra Pintér, Hanna Sőregi, Hanna Szabó, Lilian Tóth 1st place.

UP4 Group: Vanda Pacher, Frank Borbala, Fanny Halsey, Emissie Spock 1st place.

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