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There has been some interesting news about the Nintendo Switch 2.

There has been some interesting news about the Nintendo Switch 2.

New information has arrived from an official source about the Nintendo Switch 2 portable console, which millions around the world are waiting for. After acknowledging the existence of the product, Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa revealed new information to the company's investors, including some good news and bad news for consumers.

With over 141 million units sold, Nintendo Switch is already the third best-selling gaming console in the world.
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Starting with the bad news, Shuntaro said the company won’t be cutting prices on the first-generation Switch models until the next console is released, and he doesn’t see it as necessary. As a related point of interest, based on the latest published data, over 141 million Switch units have been sold since its release in 2017, making it currently the third best-selling console in the world, behind only the Nintendo DS (154 million) and ahead of the PlayStation 2 (155+ million).

Moving on to the good news, according to Nintendo's president at launch. There will be no shortage of products. From Nintendo Switch 2, the company is particularly focused on being able to fully serve the customer's interest in the portable console from the very first moment.

In addition to the Japanese company far Against the generative AI that everyone wants to use in game development. Shuntaro doesn’t rule out its use, but says he wants to give customers a unique Nintendo value through his games that can’t be created using technology alone.

In his view, Nintendo's decades of knowledge and experience are worth more than generative AI.

The Nintendo Switch 2 will be introduced this year at the latest, and is expected to be available in stores in the first half of 2025.

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