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There has been a change in obtaining a driver’s license, and the instructors are confused

There has been a change in obtaining a driver’s license, and the instructors are confused

After 24 August, driving education became more complex, and instructors were given a new administrative obligation. All this causes serious discontent in professional circles, and also makes life difficult for students – read the overview on

It is controversial news in educational circles, to say the least, that the non-profit organization Közlekedesi Alkalmassági Vizsgaközpont has imposed a new administrative obligation as of September. Classes to be held electronically must be announced in advance, with all the details: who is driving the car, license plate number, exactly when, and exactly what place of departure and arrival is based on the house number. The goal is not even a secret to facilitate inspections, eliminate violations, and help students spend the time allotted for driving – Readable On the gate.

Education often includes demonstration in the stationary vehicle. Because driving education is highly exposed to traffic and has been relatively flexible so far, it cannot be planned in advance for hours to arrive exactly to the minute, and determining the exact location is also a very serious limitation, which does not facilitate smooth cooperation with students either. Until now, anyone could arrange for their students who arrived late because of a late train to start one or two stops or finish half an hour later, all this flexibility seems officially impossible from now on.

Kovis Szilard According to the coach, before that, the purpose of professional supervision was to sit in the car from time to time to see how the person was teaching, and to provide methodological assistance and professional advice. It has now reached the point where a person is a good coach if they do their managerial duties well, and that is all they look at during the inspection.

Furthermore it,

Complete control over exactly who, where and when is also a concern from a personal law point of view.

He says the biggest problem is Judit Barta Professional teacher – additional administrative obligations for education will also fall on the students. So far, we have been able to be flexible about when and where we go to our students without any further ado. From now on, anyone who wants to truly care about students’ interests within the framework of inexpensive service and remaining flexible risks being punished.

The fact that the new system is set to start on September 4 is just the icing on the cake, but no one has seen any signs of that yet, and coaches only received official information a few days ago. However, in principle, anyone who does not show up at the previously announced time and place, or makes a typographical error that is noticed too late, can expect to be punished immediately. According to him

This is unrealistically strict given that education is completely exposed to traffic.

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