There are so many victims of the epidemic in Delhi that bonfires have had to be built in the city

There are so many Coronavirus victims in Delhi that the crematoriums in the city cannot bear the burden, so they have started building funerals in several places, Guardian writes.

Across India, the virus has been released with extreme force, hospitals are overwhelmed, and lack of oxygen is a problem in many places. People are dying so fast that crematoria cannot keep up. On Tuesday, photojournalists working in the city filmed dozens of fires in the parking lot to cremate the bodies, while construction of various cremation structures began in other parts of the city.

Photo: Prakash Singh / AFP

An employee of the crematorium in Delhi told Agence France-Presse that there was simply no place to store the bodies, and he had never thought such horrible scenes could happen.

The BBC reported earlier that trees were also being cut down in city parks to make funeral fires from wood.

On Tuesday, more than 300,000 new infections were recorded again, and 2,771 deaths, while health experts say the real number may be much higher, with many not receiving hospital treatment, while there are states that are supposed to have the numbers. Where it is less than the real one.

And the first foreign donations to the country began to arrive, on Tuesday, with respirators and oxygen-related devices coming from Britain, while the United States promised to provide millions of AstraZeneca vaccines. France, Germany, Canada, the World Health Organization and the European Union promised to provide assistance, and Brussels could send hundreds of ventilators and 700 oxygen concentrators within days.


The World Health Organization said, Tuesday, that a different type of virus that has unleashed the pandemic so much in India has already been found in at least 17 countries, including England, the United States and Singapore. The World Health Organization is monitoring the spread of the variant, but so far it has not been concluded that this version is more dangerous than the previous variants, meaning that it is not known yet whether its spread is more lethal or easier than the previous variants.

Meanwhile, many countries no longer even accept people from India, the last being Belgium, Spain and Australia respectively.


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