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There are serious problems again in the new season of Rainbow Six Siege

There are serious problems again in the new season of Rainbow Six Siege

On the afternoon of August 29, the new season of Rainbow Six Siege started. In this post, we list the known bugs.

31.08.2023 – As the week begins, Rainbow Six Siege Y8S3 update has arrived on the live servers. updates We collected his list on TuesdayUnfortunately, the joy is not pure. Already in the first hours, many players reported that they did not see any errors in the game. In the past two or three days, their number has increased. Developers can’t ignore them either, since almost every user has some kind of bug.

Fortunately, the developers have been more open to the community in recent weeks and months. We can already notice this after the previous Y8S2 update, they provided a detailed list of issues that players might face on the servers. Previously, bugs were only recognized after they were fixed, which could leave a player in doubt for up to 2-3 weeks as to whether there was a problem with Rainbow Six Siege or with the PC or console. A few hours ago, the information sheet containing the current bugs and bugs was posted on the official Twitter page.

The new season of Rainbow Six Siege doesn’t start off smoothly this time either

the developers They are constantly working on bugs. It is worth preparing for the following phenomena:

  • Due to the servers being overloaded, there were indeed connectivity issues in the hours after the update. These issues have been fixed, but related errors may still occur.
  • The game doesn’t give away Y8S2 ranked rewards easily this time either.
  • Battle Pass codes are also disappearing for many players.
  • Due to a bug in the user interface, players can’t always view MMR and Ranked Points, but they update properly in the background.
  • The Premium Battle Pass is also not available to players who have paid for it.
  • The commendation system could not arrive on time either, and is expected to arrive in the Y8S3.1 update.

So, for now, we must prepare for one or a combination of the above errors if we want to throw ourselves into the new season of Rainbow Six Siege.

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