Van, ahol végleg leszámolnak a vezetés közbeni mobilozással

There are places where it is finally settled when packing while driving

There were already strict laws on the use of cell phones while driving in the UK, however the UK government decided to tighten them even further. Texting and making calls has only been possible in emergencies for a long time, but from next year onwards, mobile phone use will be a violation in all cases.

Under austerity, you can no longer take photos or videos while driving, and you can’t play music, scroll through playlists, or any other content.

Detailed regulations are drawn up, for example, on whether parking is not an exception, because it is considered whether waiting at a traffic light at a traffic light is considered traffic.

Thus UK drivers will only be able to pick up their UK cell phone if they have to pay online for the carriage (by touching a mobile card reader) and use the navigator without having to hold it down. Phone safe place.

the Engadget According to the article, those who do not adhere to the rules can count on a fine of up to 200 pounds (about 87,000 fort), while they can get their licenses from novice drivers.

What is the situation in Hungary?

Not surprisingly, the use of cell phones while driving has long been prohibited in Hungary. about this traffic movement Paragraph 3 (2) reads as follows:

The driver should not use a mobile phone while driving. The driver of a two-wheeled vehicle or a three-wheeled vehicle that is not a motor vehicle must use a portable radio while driving, including when stopping for traffic reasons.

If the rules are violated, drivers can expect a fine of HUF 10,000 as a spot fine, and HUF 20,000 as a fine for the violation, accompanied by three penalty points.

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