There are only days left on Flash Player

There are only days left on Flash Player

Adobe has already prepared the ground for a full shutdown, and users are now advising to uninstall the application.

Adobe for half a year AdvertiseTo permanently implement Flash Player, which will continue until January 12th, but Flash content will no longer be played.

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The company has already removed all links from its site through which a program is available to develop and play Flash content, and now it asks users to also remove Flash Player installed on systems. To do this, prof Windows And the macOS Detailed help is also provided through the links above.

Deletion is necessary because Flash Player will not play the content after the date mentioned in the first paragraph, so it will become useless inside your computer. However, it is possible that in the future they will discover vulnerabilities that can only be exploited with the app installed. The risk of this happening is eliminated by manually removing the plugin.

In addition to the above, Adobe requires users not to attempt to obtain Flash Player from alternative sources, as these may be uncensored applications and may contain malicious code.

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