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There are no closed tracks for freight trains between Kiskunfélegyháza and Szeged

There are no closed tracks for freight trains between Kiskunfélegyháza and Szeged

We have already reported that From September 11 MÁV has begun complex maintenance work 140, i.e. on the section of the railway line Szeged – Szeged between Kiskonviljehaza and Szeged. During the two-month route closure, care was taken to ensure that intercity trains ran during the weekend period and only needed to be replaced by buses in the Monday to Thursday time periods.

We also wrote about the bus replacement that they are not leaving Nagyállomás now, since there is limited space in Indóház Square, so the municipality did not approve the departure and arrival of the seven-vehicle bus convoy there. Szeged-Rukkus railway station has been designated for this purpose, where there is enough space for buses, and from there passengers can transfer to the tram, for which those with a train ticket do not need to buy a separate ticket on the Szeged station section.

But track closure organizers were not only concerned with commuter train passengers. the says magazine, Freight trains can continue to operate between Kiskunfélegyháza and Szeged, Within the specified lane closure phase, but only during certain periods and with diesel traction A greater role is assigned to diesel freight train locomotives that also travel between Szeged and Szabadka: in Szeged-Rendező, which also lacks capacity, quick turnaround of freight trains is a priority, and the locomotive coming from Szabadka often turns around and takes the route. Train to Kiskunfélegyháza, according to the portal article.

This is because the main line operating in Sieglid also includes overhead line maintenance. The engine is usually changed to electric at one of the stations up to Kiskunfélegyháza, but it is not uncommon for diesel locomotives to take their train all the way to the capital or even further.

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A freight train locomotive heading towards Szeged-Rendező, photographed from the bridgehead of the former railway bridge near Lake Keramit on September 11, 2023.

Photo: Daniel Sztek/Zegedr

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