There are many dead in the raging government in New York

There are many dead in the raging government in New York

In one hour, 76.2 mm of rain fell on the big city.

The city and state of New York also declared a state of emergency by Thursday after floods that followed unusually heavy rain. Many people lost their lives during the sentencing.

The American newspaper The New York Times learned of at least eight deaths, while the French news agency Agence France-Presse wrote about seven deaths, citing police sources. NBC reported that four people in New York City have died in flooded basements. New Jersey also has flood deaths, according to NBC and a local sheriff.

Governor of New York Kathy Hoshol He wrote on Twitter that declaring a state of emergency would make federal aid available to those in need.

We have taken every precaution, and mobilized our resources to be prepared for events on the ground. But mother nature does what she wants and gets angry tonight

At the same time, Hochhol told CNN, asking residents to postpone their non-urgent trips.

In New York City, subway lines were closed after stairs turned into a waterfall and water also flowed from the tunnel ceilings.

The US Meteorological Service issued a lightning alert for the city, which has a population of nine million, after 76.2 millimeters of rain fell on the big city in one hour.

mayor of new york, Bill de Blasio He warned the public of the seriousness of the situation on social media. The mayor banned land traffic in the big city until 5 a.m. after several motorists were rescued from flooded roads. He is the leader of the neighboring state of New Jersey elephant Murphy It also declared a state of emergency Wednesday night after a hurricane devastated the state.

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The severe weather was the result of Hurricane Ida, which wreaked havoc across the northeastern United States Wednesday night, and was softened by a tropical storm.

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