There are hungry people who go on vacation outside

There are hungry people who go on vacation outside

Croatia and Greece announced that they can travel without restrictions for those with a vaccination certificate. These two countries, based on tourism revenues, entered for the first time, but more countries are expected to relax entry rules as summer approaches – according to Infostart From the assembly.

In the past year not many have traveled abroad, so they are starving for vacation abroad again. The head of the Association of Hungarian Travel Agencies said on the InfoRádió website: “It is expected that with the improvement of the epidemiological situation and the improvement of the vaccination situation, other Mediterranean countries also participating in tourism will introduce similar measures as the Greeks and the Croats.” Judith Molnar It is envisaged that there will be more facilities with the success of the epidemic.

It is expected that specific agreements between countries regarding entry will be concluded this year, as was the case last year, and it is known that Israel has already agreed with Greece and Cyprus to establish so-called tourist corridors. At the same time, Judith Molnar believes that with the right level of vaccination, more freedom can come on overseas trips than in the tourist lanes.

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