There are fierce critics of the big tech companies holding important positions in the United States

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Politician According to his information US President Joe Biden will appoint an attorney at Columbia University to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the government agency responsible for competition law. Also It turns out in daysTim Wu will be the White House’s economic advisor.

Lina Khan

Khan and Wu are highly recognized and influential critics of the activities of the so-called big tech, the biggest internet giants, and taking positions of the new government, this indicates that the Biden administration is really planning to go to the big giants, the monopolies Amazon, Facebook, Google and Apple.

The newspaper knows that the FBI has already this week started vetting Khan, and once the process is over, the announcement could become official, which even needs Senate approval.

The appointment of Khan and Wu could mean a drastic shift in the relationship between the US government and tech companies, as analysts had predicted before the election. In this article We’ve also written in detail about this, as well as about the significance of Khan, who has written his study, best known as a law student, about why antitrust laws in the United States can’t do anything about the Amazon and what changes are needed.

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As Politico notes, Biden’s appointment may also be a break with modern traditions within the Democratic Party: In the days of Barack Obama, it was evident that the government and technology companies worked closely together. On the one hand, the past four years have brought fundamental changes to the perception of the big tech companies, and by getting the Biden government to line up among the best anti-tech experts, it can send a clear message.

On the Federal Trade Commission, Khan could be one of three Democrat-appointed commissioners. In addition, at the age of 32, he will be the youngest member in the history of the committee. Recently, during the Trump administration, Khan helped with the work of the House Antitrust Subcommittee, which, after 16 months of investigation, issued a report with very serious findings, which is also covered in this report. We wrote at length. With the two appointments, it can be expected that the findings reported in the report may be expressed at the level of the US government in the near future.

Last week it was found out Tim Woo will go to the White House as a consultant. Until then, analyzes have been carried out indicating the dormant state between Washington and big technology could end. Wu will be a brand new position, under Biden will be the president’s advisor on technology and competition policy for the first time, and his work will specifically aim to come up with proposals that will increase competition in the tech sector.


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