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Virginia’s attorney general filed a lawsuit Friday withdrawing his support for an abortion legal opinion brought by states supporting artificial abortion in the Supreme Court (LB), which previously served as the US Constitutional Court, National Review reported.

According to the online portal of the right-wing conservative bi-weekly newspaper Jason Millais Virginia’s Republican attorney general defeated his Democratic predecessor in the November 2021 elections, Mark Heringett, as well as the newly elected Glenn Youngkin with the governor and Winsome Sears He was inducted into the position on Saturday with the deputy governor.

Joining nearly two dozen left-wing U.S. states during Mark Hering’s tenure as minister, Virginia sent a letter of legal opinion called Friend of the Court to the Federal Constitutional Court, calling for a constitutional review of the Mississippi abortion restriction law. Southern Mississippi protects the right to life for fetuses older than 15 weeks.

The legal opinion, submitted under the leadership of traditionally liberal Democratic California, argues that Mississippi law is unconstitutional and calls on the Federal Constitutional Court not to overturn previous Constitutional Court decisions that it created (Roe v. Wade), and later (Planned Parenthood v. Casey) reserved the constitutional right to Abortion.

Jason Millais now wants to end support for this pro-abortion legal opinion from Virginia. The National Review cites the Secretary of State’s suggestion that “the State of Virginia no longer shares the arguments made by the previously submitted Friend of Court letter, and now takes the view that the United States Constitution does not address the issue of artificial abortion, and therefore the right of United States residents to decide on Legal status and regulation of abortion.

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The Millais proposal then called on the Federal Constitutional Court to uphold the Mississippi abortion law and erase previous legal precedents relating to abortion.

Essentially, this means that Virginia is pushing for the repeal of the abortion law in force in the United States (the so-called Roe v. Wade).

In the United States, the Federal Supreme Court, acting as the Constitutional Court, issued its landmark decision in 1973 in Roe v. Wade, which essentially grants a constitutional right to abortion in the United States.

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