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There are fears of an RSV epidemic in the UK this winter too
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There are fears of an RSV epidemic in the UK this winter too

He made a disturbing statement doctor. Camilla KingdonThe UK’s leading pediatrician says thousands of children will be hospitalized this winter with a life-threatening virus simply because the government is delaying vaccination. – books.

RSV, which usually causes symptoms similar to the common cold but sometimes requires hospital care, breathing difficulties or severe pneumonia, is very common in the UK and affects most children before the age of two. As The Independent wrote, the disease that claims dozens of victims requires 30,000 hospitalizations every winter, and according to forecasts, this year will be no different. This is supported by data from the National Health Service (NSH), according to which an average of 119 children’s beds were not available each day from November to the end of December last year due to the RSV epidemic.

According to Dr. Kingdon, had they not delayed the introduction of the vaccine, the mass disease could have at least been reduced. However, it now appears very likely that thousands of pediatric operations will be canceled in order to make room for RSV patients in the institution – thus increasing the already large waiting lists. Incidentally, The Independent already reported this last winter

Children regularly waited more than 10 hours in the emergency room as hospitals were plagued by RSV, influenza, streptococcus A and Covid, undoubtedly adding pressure to overburdened pediatric intensive care units.

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