There are already a lot of problems with Apple's home repair software

There are already a lot of problems with Apple’s home repair software

Apple’s self-service repair has exploded as a major novelty, but there are reportedly a lot of problems with it.

Although Apple previously confirmed that the Self-Service Repair Program, which enables in-home repairs, is for those who are already familiar with replacing parts, ordering parts, and servicing modern electronics, it was a novelty and a great sense, and will continue in terms of principle in Europe this year. will be available.

The Reports But according to the program, several wounds bled. According to some claims, in some cases, home repair will cost more than repair in an Apple service center, for example, replacing the battery is just such an item.

Apple Self-Service RepairSource: Apple

It can be difficult for the company to ask for a deposit of $1,000 to rent repair equipment and hold the money if they get it back in an improper condition or after 7 days. Also of concern is that the software only covers iPhones of the last two years, not older models, despite it being used by many.

For home repairs, a real IMEI number must also be provided when ordering, which means the parts are associated with a specific device at the time of ordering. Additionally, when you change your view, you must agree that Apple will have access to a lot of data (serial number, device name, parts of call history, and app usage data), otherwise Face ID won’t work.

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