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The year Taylor Swift mastered pop stardom

The year Taylor Swift mastered pop stardom

Taylor Swift has made it 2023, in pop culture terms anyway. Music history did that His highest-grossing tour, Dominate the charts like never before, the They have started a course on this topic at HarvardTime magazine He was elected as Person of the Year. The Internet is full of them, from TikTok to the most dangerous newspapers, He even talks from the cinema. But why him? Why now?

Like many, I got into Swift's music around 2008 when I thought nothing could describe the feelings of my early teenage soul better than you belong with me. However, this was probably the last era where his songs could really appeal to me. Of course, his hits came to me later from time to time, and he came up when he was a lot in the tabloids due to current intrigues in his personal life, but he never crept into my life any further.


Photography: Valerie Macon/AFP

Then came the Eras tour in 2023, I found my Instagram feed full of Taylor Swift. Not because I started following him, but because a group of influencers I follow with a completely different profile (mainly Americans) started posting about him nonstop. It was as if everyone had suddenly turned into a Swiftie — the official term for Taylor's fans — and Friendship bracelets And weeks (months!) of preparation, Homemade clothes studded with sparkling stones He would produce for the tour, and whoever didn't make it to any station, followed all the concerts through live streaming.

These parties looked like a giant pajama party, where everyone dressed up in party clothes, jumped on the bed, danced, and discussed their love affairs with their girlfriends. This may not be far off the mark: from the beginning of her career, Swift has been consciously working toward this His fans can feel almost like they are his personal friends.

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