The wreckage of the crashed Indonesian plane was found

The wreckage of the crashed Indonesian plane was found

After a long search, Indonesian divers found pieces of a passenger ship that had crashed on Saturday, at a depth of 23 meters in the Java Sea.

The aircraft registration number can be read from the wreckage of the plane, but the black box has yet to be found. Half a day earlier, clothes and a lot of debris were found floating in the area, setting the scene for the tragedy. More than 10 ships and 4 aircraft participate in search and rescue operations Euronews.

Sriwijawa Airlines had 62 Boeing 737-500 aircraft flying from Jakarta to Pontianak, Borneo. Air traffic controllers lost contact with the passenger carrier four minutes after it took off from the capital. According to flight control portal Flightradar24, the plane sank 10,000 feet in one minute.

According to the airline chief, the missing Boeing 737-500 was in good technical condition.

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