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The world’s oldest water pool also has its own Instagram page

The world's oldest water pool also has its own Instagram page

The defect of the indestructible road exists, of course, in Russia.

The magnificent city of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk is the only city on Sakhalin Island, whose size is more than 100,000, and which has lived for nearly a third of its nearly one hundred and forty years of existence (1905-1946) as a Japanese city called Tojohara (= Valley of Fertility).

Located ten and a half thousand kilometers as the crow flies from Moscow, the city, which has its own airport, does not have many attractions, although there are some interesting places among its buildings. The City Museum, for example, is not a pretty Russian wooden house, but this Japanese imperial-style giant:

Edward Y.

The Sakhalin region doesn’t really have a good reputation within the country either, as in addition to forty percent of the companies operating here not being able to make a profit, most juvenile delinquency also occurs here nationwide.

The district leader has come under public criticism in recent years for not making any effort to improve the living conditions of those who live there. Evidence for this may be the oldest water pond in the world with a good chance of owning it now Instagram has amassed nearly sixteen followers There is also what started with this great text:

Welcome everyone! I am a pond on Tyikhokeanskaya Street 10 in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. You are twenty-five now, so it’s time to conquer Instagram as an adult! 🙂

The locals first indicated the presence of the pond to the authorities in 1994, and asked them to fix the road, but they always set a date later and later.

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Twenty-seven years have passed since the first announcement, so it is not surprising that in the fall of 2020, a man lives in the neighborhood. Nikolai The idea of ​​the Instagram account popped up from his head to see if this would permanently resolve the situation.

This was not the case, but the posts and satirical photos written by the frustrated man prompted the authorities to do some work: The repairs, which were pushed from 2014 to 2017 and then to 2024, took place a few days after the first photo appeared.

The effect lasted only a few days, as the posted people did not think about the durability of the work, so during the next heavy downpour, the seemingly indestructible pond came back.

In November, the city renewed the Runaway Road Fault, using the same method. Due to the sudden appearance of the cold weather, the situation will remain unchanged until spring, after which the pond will rise again, as the city councilor has not put the matter on the list of important work to be done this year in December. .

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