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The world’s oldest mammoth pine is in danger due to raging wildfires in the United States
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The world’s oldest mammoth pine is in danger due to raging wildfires in the United States

They are battling California wildfires for a fourth day. In the second largest natural park in the United States, they are trying to save ancient trees, including the oldest giant pines in the world. The cause of the new bushfire is not yet known, with authorities suspecting it of arson, M1 news channel reported.

They’ve been battling wildfires in Yosemite National Park in California for days

They have been battling wildfires in California’s Yosemite National Park since Saturday. The forest burned in an area of ​​about 10 square kilometers in the second largest national park in the United States.

With the continued evacuation of residents living in the area and hundreds of people camping in the park during the height of the summer tourist season, precautions have been started to protect the more than 500 ancient trees in the famous Mariposa Grove from the flames, including the best trees in the world. – Known and oldest pine mammoth. A unique sprinkler system is built around the 3,000-year-old giant tree, keeping its trunk moist, while water mist aids in hydration. If the flames reach the tree after that, it will have a better chance of survival and less damage– said Gabor Lukochki, correspondent for public media.

In the orchard, which was still closed on Friday, the protection proved effective, according to reports, not a single giant pine has been damaged so far. The oldest tree in the park, the 63-meter Grizzly Giant, is the most protected area around it.

Due to the dry and hot weather of the past few weeks, dry fires can easily catch on, so in addition to tree clippings and fire retardant liquid sprayed from aircraft, fire line elimination at lower levels plays the largest role in fire protection.

The cause of the new forest fire was not yet known. Last year, fires burned more than two and a half million hectares of land in California alone.

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