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The world's most lag-delayed video game has finally arrived.

The world's most lag-delayed video game has finally arrived.

July 7, 2024
Author: Peter Steinlechner /

Duke Nukem Forever: Kien is now the most delayed game.

There are delays in the world of video games like ketchup, French fries, and popcorn to the cinema – but 22 years is a bit of a long time: that's how long it took from the time Kien was first announced in 2002, until the Italian development studio finally got around to releasing them.

With this, Duke Nukem Forever is no longer considered a record holder: the shooter was announced in 1997, but after problems and a temporary hiatus, it was released only in 2011 – and did not really convince critics.

The special feature of Kien is that it was made specifically for the Game Boy Advance. Nintendo's handheld console has been gradually replaced by other devices since 2003. Nintendo produced the last versions in 2009.

The Guardian has learned from Kien’s chief developer, Fabio Belsantel, that Game Boy Advance cartridges cost $15 each to produce. This was a very big risk for publishers on a platform that was being phased out.

Belsanti founded a development studio called Age of Game, which deals with successful educational games, which address topics such as occupational health and safety.

Kane: It's hard as a title like soul

However, Kien was finally released: thanks to older Game Boy Advance-compatible consoles – like the Analogue Pocket – and especially the fact that cassette production was now cheaper, the game was available for around $60 at Incube 8 Games.

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Kien is a platform game with RPG elements. Its story revolves around the planet Malakut, whose seven rulers have been expelled by evil. According to the developers, the difficulty level is very high, and the environment is largely free to roam.

(The article was originally published on the German website

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